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What is honey mead?

Let's talk about mead! 

Mead in its basic sense is honey and water with an addition of a third ingredient to aid the fermentation process - in this case, we use organic bananas. 

However, to perfect the unique flavour of Beesbucha, a year of research and development with local ingredients has been dedicated to developing this refreshing and effervescent drink. 


How is Beesbucha made? 

We begin by hand cutting and pureeing the organic QLD bananas to blend with our signature (non-alcoholic) honey wine recipe. We then leave each batch to delicately ferment for 10-14 days, at a controlled temperature. We monitor our mead enthusiastically every day until it’s just perfect. Next, we filter each batch THREE times, to ensure a silky smooth consistency, before individually bottling and sealing the naturally sparkling drink.  

We limit each batch to 900 bottles, and as such, each batch will have a subtly unique flavour profile, which is purely dependent on where our local honey bees have been gallivanting to collect nectar. 

There you have it! A refreshing, effervescent and fragrant blend of three powerful ingredients.

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