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My Mission

Support local beekeepers while doing something I love!

My life’s passion for discovering new drink techniques has led me to create Beesbucha, a delicious beverage with a proud social conscience.

Hi, I'm Giacomo the creator

My curiosity for creating new flavours and my love for the community have always driven my passion towards this project.

I’ve always had a refined palate, inherited from my grandfather, Umberto - he was a talented pastry-chef with more than 50 years of service in Tuscany, the family business is still open and famous today! Unfortunately for my mum, I was more focussed on drinks than pastries, as the bar reflected my zest for life. After growing my professional identity in London, I came to Australia, inspired by tales and to discover the landscapes. 

I am currently the bar manager of Charlie Parker’s where we experiment with advanced techniques and maximise native flavours through an award-winning sustainability program.

Beesbucha’s unique taste and sophisticated formulation was born out of a year of research and development with local products. The result, a delicious non-alcoholic drink with a social conscience!  

I’ve created Beesbucha because I want to show the quality of Australia's local products through a sustainable beverage that can grow with the community.