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Our Mission

Support local beekeepers.

Natural ingredients, no nasties.

Sustainable & tasty products.

Education about honeybees.

About Beesbucha

Pure, natural goodness.

Beesbucha is a brand and sustainable project that focuses on using local products and supporting honey bees through concious honey harvesting. Our main product is a naturally fermented, non-alcoholic drink made from local honey and Australian fruit using the natural yeast present in honey. To extend our range of 100% local products we also decided to launch three different types of our core ingredient - honey.

The development of Beesbucha involved a year of research and development in the greater Sydney area, where we worked with local products to create a unique and sophisticated formulation. The result is a delicious beverage that not only embodies the quality of Australian local products but also promotes sustainability and a social conscience.

By prioritizing the use of local ingredients and harvesting honey respectfully, Beesbucha aims to create a long-term and environmentally friendly brand. Our commitment to supporting bees and using sustainable ingredients reflects our dedication to the well-being of the ecosystem and our community.

Hi, I'm Giacomo.

As the Founder of Beesbucha, my journey has been an incredible blend of passion, creativity, and a deep connection to the local community. From the early days I was captivated by the art of mixing flavors and crafting unique beverages. It was in those moments behind the bar that I discovered my refined palate and taste, which I proudly inherited from my grandfather, Umberto, a renowned pastry chef with over 50 years of experience in Tuscany.

While my family excelled in the world of pastries, my heart pulled me towards the world of drinks. Even in London, I found myself constantly experimenting, pushing boundaries, and seeking new flavors to excite the senses. But it was Australia with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture that I wanted to explore.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, I had the time to refine my recipes and bottle my vision. That's when our first product, the Original Beesbucha Banana (OG), came to life. I vividly remember the days spent in a garage in Bondi Beach, tirelessly perfecting the flavors and ensuring every bottle embodied the essence of Beesbucha.

The more I learned about bees and their intricate relationship with the ecosystem, the more captivated I became. I discovered how their health and well-being directly influence the flavors of honey and, subsequently, our unique drinks. This realization fueled my passion even further.

For me, the welfare of honeybees and the health of our ecosystem have become deeply personal. In every sip of Beesbucha, you taste not only the delicious flavors but also the love and dedication that goes into preserving nature's delicate balance.

Beesbucha is a reflection of our values and aspirations. It's about creating a brand that not only tantalizes taste buds but also supports the environment and gives back to the community. Beesbucha represents our passion, craftsmanship, and a strong sense of responsibility.