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Our Mission

Support local beekeepers.

Natural ingredients, no nasties.

Sustainable & tasty products.

Education about honeybees.

About Beesbucha

Pure, natural goodness.

Beesbucha is a brand and sustainable project that focuses on using local products and supporting honey bees through concious honey harvesting. Our main product is a naturally fermented, non-alcoholic drink made from local honey and Australian fruit using the natural yeast present in honey. To extend our range of 100% local products we also decided to launch three different types of our core ingredient - honey.

The development of Beesbucha involved a year of research and development in the greater Sydney area, where we worked with local products to create a unique and sophisticated formulation. The result is a delicious beverage that not only embodies the quality of Australian local products but also promotes sustainability and a social conscience.

By prioritizing the use of local ingredients and harvesting honey respectfully, Beesbucha aims to create a long-term and environmentally friendly brand. Our commitment to supporting bees and using sustainable ingredients reflects our dedication to the well-being of the ecosystem and our community.